Expository Preaching

At Sharon Baptist Church we are committed to "Building Lives on the Word of God for a Lasting Future".
That means by we use the Bible as our foundation.  ~Not the new fads or trends, the Bible.  The way it should be!

Our Story

We are an ultra conservative Southern Baptist Church.  Founded in 1950, Dr. James Strickland became head Pastor 2002 preaching homiletically. That means it's understandable as he expounds the Word the God.


Meet the Pastor

I was born 1-5-44 in Kannapolis, NC.  Called to ministry February 1972.

Graduated Fruitland Bible College in 1975 with an Associate degree in Christian Ed.  I continued my Ed. with the Southern Baptist Center for Bible Studies where I graduated with a Bachelor of Ministry, followed by a Master of Ministry, A Doctorate of Ministry and finally in 1990 I graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Studies.

I have Pastored continually since 1974.  I was licensed and Ordained by my Home Church, The First Baptist Church of Enochville, NC.  I have pastored in NC, TN, and SC.

I have devoted my complete ministry to teaching and expository preaching.

Since April 2003 I have been serving Sharon Baptist Church in Concord, NC.

My wife's name is Amanda.  We have 2 sons, David and Phillip.  We have been blessed with 2 grandchildren and one great grandson.


Dr. James Strickland

Head Pastor

The purpose of Sharon Baptist Church is to promote the Worship of God through the proclamation the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to preach, to teach, to Baptize, and carry out the Great Commission of our Lord.

Our Church exists to provide regular opportunities for public worship, to sustain the Ordinances, Doctrines, And Ethics set forth in the church of our Lord Jesus.

We ascribe to the Articles of Faith set forth by the Southern Baptist Convention on June 14, 2000.

Pastor James Strickland

Next Steps...

Come join us at a service.  Learn more about our wonderful savior and living a Christ-centered Life.