[VIDEO] Opposing the Devil’s Opposition

Opposing the Devil’s Opposition is a sermon that teaches just what the title suggests!
Think about it…
It’s either (A.) or (B:), right?

(Now first keep in mind that the devil comes to lie, steal, destroy; in other words, try to make you slip up or make you doubt, or make you believe your own lies… ANYTHING he can do to oppose you.)


(A.) As a Christian, What are you supposed to do when the devil “whispers”* in your ear, “Hey, it’s okay, nobody’s watching.”

Notice I put ” ” about whispers and a * too. That is because that’s most likely not how it’s going to happen…

(B.) what really happens, is YOU, THE SINNER YOU ARE CHOOSE to disobey God’s commandments and fulfill your own lusts!!

There are probably thousands of other examples…. but WHAT ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO DO?!?

Find out what the Bible says in this Biblical Expository (explaining the Bible Scriptures) Sermon by James Strickland.

Sharon Baptist is a Christian Church. You know you hear the word “Christian” used a lot, by a lot of people. Unfortunately, MOST people do,’t even know what that word means… “Christian”.

Did you know it a “diss-type / look of disgust at” type thing — way back to around after Jesus’ earthly time… To get called a “Christian” wasn’t a compliment back then. They HATED Christians… (Kind of like now, but the openly beat, tortured, imprisoned, and even murdered many of them)**
**(Did you know that STILL happens in SOME COUNTRIES STILL TODAY?!?!!!)

Want to learn more about God. Read a Bible. Start in John. Look for KJV, NAS, ESV, NKJV, or AMP, – Most of those of pretty good, WATCH OUT FOR OTHER TRANSLATIONS THAT ORDINARY PEOPLE JUST MAKE UP!!

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