2 thoughts on “[Video] Do you Believe? Sermon by Guest Speaker Jason Frame”

  1. WOW 😮 Jason this was an EYE OPENER SERMON!!! Thank you for such an awesome truth telling, examine oneself.. I have learned so much from you and your leadership, the care you devote is so inspiring!!
    I’m doing my homework because I desperately need to check myself.. Thank you for giving us this wonderful message!! Jason help pray for me and my salvation, I wanna bare good fruits that’s pleasing to God, I need to walk steadfast on the narrow…
    Amazing service, wonderful video!!! ♥️

  2. Keep on preaching the word in season and out of season. May God bless you and yours little brother. Thank you for your and Laura’s visit and the food. I really enjoyed the conversations. Love, In Christ, C.C. Hunt

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